Register to the service


You can register to the service velopop' through differents ways : 


1. Download the velopop’ app (available on AppStore and Google Play) or connect to the website

2. Create your account : enter your personal data (name, first name, email, phone number, bank details) and choose a 4-digits PIN.

3. Choose your PASS 

4. Setup your bank account and pay for you plan online. Your bank account must have a balance equal to or greater than 50€ (bank solvency test). Acess fee is debit on the day of purchase. Paid rentals are deducted on due date according to the pass. Invoicing is carried out by automatic debit payable at matury for plans 1 day or 7 days, once a month for an annual plan.

5. Receive a confirmation by e-mail and a 8-digits access code. Save this code, it will be used to borrow and return a bike (also available on the app and on by logging to your account. 

6. Go to the station and follow the instructions on the screen.